Adam Scott hails his generation

In what could be interpreted as a complete disregard for world number one Tiger Woods, the reigning Masters champion Adam Scott has stated that his generation of players is no longer worried by the influence of the world number one.

Woods won five titles five titles in 2013 but he failed to win a single major title leaving him on fourteen titles. The last time he managed to win a major was back in 2008 and for a player of the caliber of Woods to be on such a barren spell is something that hasn’t gone down well with his fans.

Scott also mentioned that he doesn’t think Woods has become any less of a factor, and that is something his fans will admit as well as the players. But he added that judging by the way the majors have been shared round in the last few seasons, the players have more confidence on them and do not fear the presence of Woods.

Adam Scott went on to add that his generation has raised the level of its game, they are more confident on their own abilities and do not need players of the caliber of Woods, or Phil Mickelson or even someone like Rory McIlroy to falter to claim a major title.

He stated that Jack Nicklaus also had a dry spell like the one Woods is going through and he is still seen as the best player of all time. It wouldn’t surprise Adam Scott at all if Woods comes back to claim a major title this season but his generation of players is giving them more of a chance right now than they ever had.

Moreover, they have improved drastically over the past few years and years of experience have given them an edge in that battle against him.