Adam Scott heaps praise on Kiwi caddy Steve Williams

Adam Scott, the Aussie golf star, has spoken about his Kiwi caddie Steve Williams and his scopes to win at the Masters.

Adam emphasized the plan to have Steve at his shoulder was preset and designed to utilized the Kiwi’s grad knowledge of crafty Augusta National layout. Steve was Adam’s caddy when he won the Mastersin 2013, which is his only major success.

Speaking to a leading UK based newspaper Adam Scott told that his experience is invaluable. He could not remember if any caddy has won as much as he has around there. Therefore, he has an kinship with the course from his side of things and their results in the major championships since Steve began working for him in the year 2011 have been great if you compare them to his results in major championships before that point.

He added that Steve would not be the regulate in everything he does in his golf game but he is certainly had a great positive impact. Even returning after 9 months off the bag previous year at the US Open, his form was quite average leading into that and they got into contention and they ended up finishing 4th with a great Sunday round.

He is looking for that same type of magic out of him this week, just like he ask out of David Clark any week he is caddying and myself every week he is playing.