For Maylands Brickworks There Is A Golf Clubhouse Proposal

The brickworks in Maylands, which is nearly 91-years-old could become a golf clubhouse or a housing estate under plans which for conserving the State heritage-listed building.

The likely addition of nearly 68 apartments on the site is planned to fund what would be a multimillion-dollar restoration. The redesigned place will also have space for cafes, function center and weekend markets.

The inspiration for the overhaul includes Alexandria spinning mill of Sydney which now operates as a cafe, restaurant and bar with commercial space and Don Valley brickworks of Toronto that was converted into a farmers’ market as well as the restaurant with event spaces and offices.

The building is owned by the City of Bayswater the city has yet to commit to a plan. Nevertheless, along with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the city governing authority has floated four concept plans to the feedback of the community.

Two concepts among four is predominantly development of residential areas with between 20 and 68 new dwellings to be created, and the area of ground floor arches could be taken in use for the development of small commercial tenancies. The old drying shed present here could be developed as the function center, home for weekend markets or the cafe.

The other two concepts include relocating the golf course clubhouse of Maylands to the site and developing a new “urban square” on the kiln building west forecourt.

One plan is about the residential development, and the other does not. This is the only plan among the four plans that could not be funded without being subsidized by the city.

The city is receiving feedback from people and soon it will finalize its decision for the kind of development it wants to do at the place.