Scott Defends His Return To Long Putter

Amidst huge speculations about his return to long putter after taking to a shorter one for a while, Adam Scott speaks up in defence of his change of putters.

Scott, who was always seen with long putter, surprised everyone when he took to short putter for 3 weeks & created great stir in the golf world as he reunited with his usual longer putter- at the prestigious Augusta National.

The Australian golfer stressed the Masters championship is really crucial for him and hence he wants to play with something that he is most comfortable with- and do not wish to take up any experimentation at such a top-end championship.

His stint with short putter at Florida swing, produced mixed results and hence the golfer is not willing to take any risk this time.

The very anchored stroke meant for long putter, would be reportedly outlawed the next year. However, the Aussie star admitted that he would still stay loyal to the long putter for some time now.

“It seems sensible for me”, noted Scott while speaking in defence of getting back to long putter once again.
“I am not here for some experimentation or to find out what happens- rather I am here to have my job done.”

“It seems that odds are mostly on favor with longer putter & it is more so since I have been with it since the last 4 years.

“It is a process. I have got time to change. If one thinks that the past few weeks were an experiment, it is nice to understand that I have learned so many things regarding whatever I was into- what I tend to think about & my principles regarding putting.”

“I certainly feel that I would be playing with longer putter.”