Scott struggles with his Pathetic Putting

Adam Scott played quite neatly in Boston but his putting was so disastrous that he couldn’t win in the final round. South African golfer Louis Oosthuizen topped the leaderboard when the third round ended and Scott was 12 shots behind him. Now that is a long gap!

Scott proved to be totally in control with ball striking this week. The world no. 9 held the first place in striking the ball. Not only was he good in ball striking, but he was placed at the third spot in driving distance and greens in regulation. Again he held the fifth position in shot accurateness and closeness to the hole.

Now when you look at these kinds of statistics you are quite sure that this man is going to rank in the top 5. But Scott’s putting was so horrible that he couldn’t manage to get a place in the top 5. He was positioned at the 61st place among the 78 players in field putting.

The 32-year Queenslander never seemed to get rid of his putting problem. Though he won 19 times across the world but when it came to putting he always suffered. Adam Scott’s best performance came in USPGA Tour when he ranked 90th in putting per round. This makes it crystal why he was unable to make a better impact.

Besides all these, Scott may be going back to use short putter because the legitimacy of a long putter is placed under question and the governing bodies of golf are seriously thinking of banning it from 2016 onwards. Adam Scott was positioned at the 176th and 174th place respectively in the previous two seasons when he used the short putter. So according to sources, Scott is still thinking of using a long putter despite the short one.

Inspite of having all these trouble, Scott is pretty sure of winning the FedEx Cup as he is now making it a bird’s eye.