Stricker attempting to move on

American golf player Steve Stricker had a real hard time getting over Ryder Cup compared to any other disappointment he has faced in the last twenty four years as a professional, even including those years when Steve lost his PGA Tour card.

Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker did not win a single match throughout the week. Steve lost his singles match against Martin Kaymer which allowed the European golfer to retain the dup. But the most painful thing was probably the when he failed to get up and down from a standard chip behind seventeenth hole.

On Thursday, the Americal golfer told that he felt a whole lot of responsibility for not snatching a point. It was hard that he and Tiger did not score a point. European team rallied from a – point short on the last day to secure the cup for a 2nd straight time. Still, Steve has not seen final day’s highlights. But he has been informed with everything that fell into place for the European team.

Steve told that in golf, there are plenty of failures, but the point is how a golfer picks himself up from that position. Steve Stricker won Comeback Player of the Year for back to back 2 years and he in fact reached world number two position after that.

He told that it was really disappointing when he struggled a lot with his game during mid – 2000s and the only person he was letting down was himself.