Steve Stricker has not been having the taste of success and victory of late, but has sure made a mark in the golfing circuit with his victory at the Tournament of three.

His performance in this tournament was not outstanding from the beginning as well and was actually going downhill when a sudden turn of events changed the entire game. Two birdies, one after the other, were good enough to help Steve gain his focus and concentration and he finally managed to end up winning the game.

Steve Stricker had his 12th victory after winning the Tournament of three Championships and became quite emotional after he went on to hold the cup. With tears in his eyes he showed his contentment and excitement and hoped to continue this winning spree for quite some time now. This victory became his 8th win in the last 50 tournaments that he has taken part in.

Steve Stricker has realized the fact that this win would not have been possible if luck had not favored him towards the end with the two birdie shots. He needs to focus right from the start of the game and ensure that he gets to a pretty good position at the initial stages of the game so that he does not have to worry and put in excessive pressure to confirm his victory in the game.

The best part of this victory was the support he received from his friends and family which were actually the strong folds of support. The warm hug was quite comforting and this only goes on to make him feel their importance. His only hope now is to continue the winning spree and gain as many trophies as he can.